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We specialise in the design, installation and implementation of automated control systems for industrial water treatment.

Industrial wastewater treatment facilities require a precise and balanced operating system to ensure that each stage of the water filtration process is functioning perfectly. It is critical that water flow continuity is maintained without disruption and that each phase is completed for effective water filtration.

We can help you build custom automated water treatment control systems that integrate seamlessly with your plant operations and management to maximise efficiency and boost productivity. Our use of the latest technology and leading market brands give you a modern, smart SCADA system to ensure that your water treatment plant runs smoothly by:

Our extensive experience and knowledge about water processes enables us to give you a fully automated water control system that is reliable, flexible and easy to use.

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Industrial Water Treatment Control Services

Design and implementation of wastewater control systems

Our industrial water treatment specialists design and implement a water control system tailored to your plant’s specific requirements to enhance your plant’s performance and reduce overhead costs.

Reverse osmosis control systems

We specialise in the design, build, and installation of complete reverse osmosis treatment systems to efficiently manage your water filtration process. RO is environmentally friendly because it uses fewer chemicals, is energy efficient because of its 4-step process and produces better quality water than other filtration systems.

Water testing and analysis

Water analysis and testing is a crucial part of maintaining your water treatment facility. The harmful chemicals and mineral imbalances in untreated water are not only a danger to the environment but also damage your plant operating system and machinery. We can help you prevent expensive machinery damages and reduce the strain on your operating system with regular water testing and detailed analysis reports. Water testing is a mandatory regulatory condition and protects the environment from harmful and contaminated water. It is also an essential element to maintain your water treatment processes and their productivity.

Upgrades to existing water treatment systems

We also provide upgrades and perform performance checks for your existing water treatment control systems. These identify automation problems that may hinder your treatment operations and create faults with your filtration process. Our water treatment experts will give you a complete analysis of your water treatment facility with detailed inspection reports and recommendations for required improvements and upgrade options.

Machinery Repairs and Maintenance

Industrial wastewater is full of chemicals and contaminants that can put strain on your water facility’s machinery and equipment. We develop customised maintenance plans for preventive maintenance with the identification of potential concerns and hazards.

Our repair and maintenance services include cleaning and servicing of machinery and calibration of pumps, sensors and equipment. This keeps your plant running safely and your water’s PH at the correct levels.

Adelaide Wastewater Treatment Services

Equip your plant with the technology and the tools needed to achieve optimal operational efficiency with an automated water control system designed to:

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