Water Treatment

Keeping water treatment facilities flowing

A particular focus of our expertise is the automation, analysis and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants, specialising in Reverse Osmosis systems.

Water treatment plants require a delicately balanced operation system to keep the water flowing from one treatment tank to the next, and ensure that each functional area is fulfilling its important role in the treatment process.

Regular water analysis and maintenance is crucial, not only to prevent contamination through chemical or mineral imbalances (creating obvious threats to public safety), but to prevent damage to the plant and operating system itself. Systems processing heavy metal waste, fluoride, iron, manganese, ammonia, nitrate, effluent and seawater need regular manual testing to ensure the accuracy, longevity and productivity of the water treatment plant’s control system and equipment.

The H2O Pro’s

At Precision Control & Electrical, we have a wealth of experience in the water sector, combined with an intricate knowledge of water treatment processes. We:

  • Perform water tests and analysis – We have extensive experience in water testing, and our intricate knowledge of water filtration is second to none.
  • Design and install complete Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems, to efficiently manage the water filtration process and get your facility running at full capacity. Our quality-built systems are first class, and we use the latest technology and best brands available on the market to develop smart, streamlined, user-friendly systems.
  • Conduct ‘health checks’ of pre-existing water treatment systems to identify automation and filtration problems.
  • Undertake required repairs.
  • Develop customised maintenance plans, including water analysis and reporting, cleaning and calibration of pumps, sensors and equipment, identification of potential concerns and hazards, and general system maintenance. Regular water analysis and maintenance prevents a build-up of minerals and contaminants, keeping your plant running safely and your water’s PH at the correct levels.

Time for a ‘health check’ or overhaul of your water treatment facility? Contact Precision Control & Electrical on 0400 774 413, or submit a request via our contact page.