Switchboard Design

The Switchboard – The heart of your plant’s operating system

Our heart is our most vital organ. It keeps our body alive, and controls our circulatory system – an intricate and vast network of blood vessels and nerves.

Your electrical switchboard is no different. It is the lifeblood of your operating system and is essential in powering and controlling your entire electrical network.

Over time, your electrical network can suffer wear and tear, becoming faulty and ‘unhealthy’, driving plant operating costs up and productivity down, and can even place your employees and property in danger. A well-designed and maintained switchboard can help prevent this, and ensure your plant is safely performing at its best.

The Switchboard Surgeons

At Precision Control & Electrical, we build and install efficient, wired switchboard systems, either by drafting a custom system for your plant from scratch, or by adapting one of our many common layouts to suit your plant’s setup.

In complete consultation with you, we can assess you plant’s functionality and draft a CAD design for an improved system that meets your plant’s needs. Once you are satisfied with the initial draft, we will build the system and “operate” to fit and install the switchboard. After the installation, we will rigorously test the system to make sure it meets operational expectations. The project is only complete when you, the plant owner, is completely satisfied that the new Switchboard is working as it should.

Extras to make life a little easier

When we design your new switchboard unit, not only can we help you save on operating costs and get optimum power distribution, we can also incorporate extra features to help with the day-to-day operation of your plant. This can include built-in fault detection functionality, an isolation feature to help identify and optimise maintenance and shutdowns, and safety features to help keep your plant safe and reliable.

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